‘Abdullah’ is the story of a lonely man – a Turkish mini-cab driver in London who has been forgotten; by the city, by the society and by his own people.

Things take a darker turn when Abdullah picks up a fare one night; a young man who notices him.

As the two men make a connection, the question becomes clear: Can Abdullah change his fate or will he get swallowed by his own dark disconnection?


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Official Selections

abdullah-onesheet2014 Film4 Frightfest
2014 Sitges International Festival of Fantastic Film
2014 MotelX
2014 Fantastic Fest
2014 BeyondFest
2014 Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival
2014 London Short Film Festival
2014 Landshut Short Film Festival
2014 Sleepwalkers International Short Film Festival
2014 Knoxville Horror Film Festival
2014 The Dirt Poor Filmmakers Festival
2014 Mauvais Genre Film Festival
2014 Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival


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